Sunday, March 1, 2015

february happenings:

a snap from today - some yachts racing an oncoming storm

Can you believe February is now finished?! Crazy!

This month flew by, so it feels like not a whole heap has happened. But here are a couple of tiny happenings at LxSxC HQ.

Back with more Ethiopia shots next!

Butterfly Chair
We finally got around to finding a cover for our Butterfly chair frame, and I love it! I originally wanted a nice tan leather cover, however after seeing some nice examples on Pinterest, decided to go for a natural rawloom cotton canvas from Muumuu Design here in Sydney.

Having just recently discovered to joys of Fimo, I have had some fun experimenting with the clay and making some beads which I have used to create some necklaces. They're not perfect, but are a heap of fun to make!

If you follow along on Instagram, you might have seen me post the above snap last week. I'm going to start sharing and giving a little limelight to some of my favourite textile pieces, many of which are currently hidden away in storage. So if you love textiles or aren't following me already, feel free to do so.

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