Sunday, April 6, 2014

amsterdam, the netherlands:

his was my first visit to Amsterdam and I fell in love. I can't quite pin-point exactly what it was, and my time there was really short, however it had me smitten. In between working I was able to wander around the canals and take in the gorgeous architecture, quaint neighbourhoods and streets and soak up the sunshine when it came out. I cannot wait to return and explore Amsterdam a whole heap more.  It's so beautiful!

next: Barcelona


  1. I loved Amsterdam, too... it's so charming and just overall wonderful. I can't wait to visit again one day! Lovely photos!

  2. We visited Amsterdam last year during our spring break. It was almost unbearably cold, but we loved the city. The tulip fields were not in bloom, which I was super disappointed about. It'll just be an excuse to go back one day! :)

  3. Wow, just love the photo's ! Amsterdam is definitely one of my European favorites ... Next time, make a little stopover in Ghent too, it's a small city in Belgium (just over the Dutch border). I promise you won't be disappointed !

  4. lovin' these post titles, gemma!!

    i was in amsterdam when i was 18. it was my first trip overseas so i really had no idea of places to see, how to go about things etc. need to go back!!!

    1. thanks Janis! you should definitely go back one day (another thing to add to the list!) - it's so gorgeous!

  5. Love your hand lettering titles!
    These photo so capture the essence of Amsterdam!

  6. We fell in love with Amsterdam when we visited in May last year - such a great vibe :)


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