Tuesday, April 8, 2014

barcelona, spain:

I know Barcelona is a personal favourite of many people. So with this in mind I was really looking forward to checking the famed and highly celebrated city out. I'll be honest, at first I can't say I was as taken with it as I thought I would be, but as I started wandering around, Barcelona soon started showing it's charm. It was a fleeting visit, so I am super keen to return and explore Barcelona a bit more than I was able to. 
With the small amount of time had to myself, I decided to meander around the streets of Barri Gotic neighbourhood and delve a bit deeper behind la Rambla. The food was amazing (as expected) and it was also lovely to feel some warm sunshine on my skin again. In the end it was great little introduction and I look forward to returning with more time up my sleeve.

next: Paris


  1. Your photos are lovely as always!

  2. Great photos :) I went to Barcelona last August and I just loved it. Tips for a great restaurant is El Callejon in the Gothic quarter, for more tips you are welcome to check out www.mstraveltipsy.com

  3. Beautiful city! I visited Barcelona last year and plan to again this year to go there. Great pictures!

  4. I LOVE Barcelona, your pictures to it justice! I am off to Vietnam this weekend and have just gone back and had a look at your photos of hanoi.....I am beyond excited!


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