Wednesday, January 15, 2014

dunedin, new zealand - part 2:

Although small, Dunedin has a lot of charm. The city was settled by Scottish immigrants in the 1800's with the name actually meaning 'Edinburgh of the South'. There are definite Scottish and European influences, especially in the architecture of the CBD, with some super gorgeous buildings. 
The city is centred around an area called the Octagon, with the George Street, the main drag, running through it. One area I really like is Moray Place, which forms the second ring of roads around the Octagon, and is home to some great little galleries and stores. I'll be sure to post a little city guide with some of my favourite spots to check out. 

Another great spot to visit is St. Clair beach, Dunedin's most popular beach, which is about a 10 minute drive from the city centre. It's a very pretty stretch of coast full of surfers and locals, with a couple of cafes and restaurants by the water.

See, Dunedin is definitely worth checking out!

next: a little bit more from Dunedin before we head to Queenstown.

historic Dunedin railway station

the esplanade, st. clair beach

st. clair beach

my new favourite Dunedin restaurant, the newly opened 'esplanade' at st. clair

the weekly farmers markets at the railway station, dunedin

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