Wednesday, December 11, 2013

christmas 2013:

So my next post was supposed to be the trip wrap-up, however I just realised today, that Christmas is only two weeks away! I swear it comes around faster each year. So I'll do a bit of a post swap and show you a little something I've created for Christmas this year. 

We will be in Sydney on Christmas day, flying out boxing day to New Zealand to spend time with Andy's family and recharging after a hectic end to the year.
I really wanted to have a big Christmas tree, however we're a little cramped at the moment and will not really be home enough to enjoy it. So early last Friday I headed to the Sydney Flower Markets and bought bunches of spruce, fern, holly and native Christmas bush, and created what I like to call a 'Christmas cluster' - my little take on a Christmas tree! 


  1. These photos are lovely. I love natural Christmas decor like this <3



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