Sunday, July 28, 2013

playa carrizalillo, mexico:

After exploring as much of Oaxaca City as possible, we took an overnight bus to the Pacific coast town of Puerto Escondido. Puerto Escondido is famed for it's surf, most notably that of Playa Zicatela, also known as Mexican Pipeline - one of, if not the, heaviest beach breaks in the world. Being married to surfer meant that a visit here was pretty much non-negotiable. I had no problem with that of course, as I'm a true believer that holiday isn't quite a holiday without a little beach action, however Playa Zicatela and the main part of Puerto Escondido didn't look all that nice of beach and area to stay at. But, drive 10 minutes north and you'll reach one of my now favourite beaches in the world - Playa Carrizalillo. Ah-mazing. Staying in a villa perched high above the perfect little bay (I'll do a trip wrap up at the end, so I can tell you where we stayed), we were greeted with clear aqua water, golden sands, lush greenery and no crowds. Hello paradise. It was stunning and such a nice way to finish our time in Mexico. The only problem... we didn't stay long enough.

next: Puerto Escondido and then my Mexico wrap-up before we head on to the USA.

the stunning view from our villa

playa carrizalillo

there were a couple of small fun waves for andy

after the storm


  1. i imagine it would take a lot for an australian to be impressed by a beach, so this one has to be good! :)

  2. ur blog is really cool, i love it ! !


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