Tuesday, July 10, 2012

culburra, nsw:

culburra beach
So I spent this past weekend on the south coast of New South Wales with my sister, Sarah and good friend, Amy, in the quiet beachside town of Culburra. It was great to be outdoors, exploring a new area and enjoying the mild winter sun. It's a sleepy little beach town blessed with natural beauty and a great location, being just north of stunning Jervis Bay. 
Weekends away are the ultimate refresher!

nature at it's best

no trip to the south coast is complete without a stop here. best. donuts. ever.


  1. What a cool looking place! Love the second photo, especially :)

  2. so beautiful. i sincerely wish i lived by the ocean!

  3. Beautiful photos - I thought I was a summer person, but I love the beach in winter. It's so much for peaceful and energising in the crisp light! It's a real pleasure to *meet* your blog!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

  4. What beautiful photos! We really are as lucky as anything in the land of Oz...

  5. Culburra is such a lovely little place and these are great photos! My friends and I rent a house down there a couple of times a year and it's always so much fun.

  6. gasp! the spiderweb is glorious!


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