Monday, July 23, 2012

a souvenir:

When I travel, I often collect and hold onto bits of paper, ticket stubs, newspaper, stamps - anything that typographically and graphically looks interesting. To put these to good use, I thought it'd be interesting to create a bit of collage, using that collected from one particular country, and by creating shapes from a map of a city from that same country.
For the one I am about to show you, I have used bits and pieces collected from Lebanon, and have based the shapes on that of a map of Lebanon's capital, and one of our favourite cities, Beirut.
It not only makes for a fun project, but is a cost effective and unique souvenir of travels and experiences.

some of the my collection...

some items from around the world. anything that has colour, typography, pattern and most of all, memories, is perfect.

what you need - some nice card, a steel ruler, glue and a stanley knife and/or scissors...

i traced the street blocks of beirut in illustrator and printed it out on to cardboard for cutting...
using a stanley knife,  cut out the shapes to create little templates for tracing...

once traced on to your chosen material,  cut out all the different shapes...

lots of shapes and few postage stamps - all collected from lebanon
play with different arrangements before which are gluing anything down

the finished piece framed - not only  a little artwork, but a unique souvenir too!


  1. Great idea! I always collect these things too, but never sure what to do with them, they eventually get recycled. A scrap book isn't really me, but this is a great idea. Now, perhaps I still have some around from our Cambodia trip...?

  2. Looks great... love the use of the map to create shapes. M x

  3. I love this idea! I just pinned it. I am totally making this! Thanks for sharing


  4. Awesome idea! Definitely going to try this out!

  5. Love the use of street blocks as inspiration - so often my favourite part of a city. This is also making me regret my decision to not keep the paper scraps from this trip!

  6. This is a phenomenal idea for all the little travel scraps that have accumulated with no real way to display. Seriously perfect.


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