Tuesday, June 26, 2012


And it's here, the slightly re-vamped line x shape x colour! So I will admit it is not quite the drastic change I first envisaged, but it is still a nice change. I've updated the about and travel pages, and - here's the exciting part - added a new one. DIY. Yep, things are going to get all creative and crafty around here.
As we're not travelling much anymore, I've thought it was time to bring the blog back to what the words, line, shape and colour are all about - and for me, that's the creative world - whether it be interiors, art, travelling, food or music. So the plan is to be posting regular projects that I get involved with - making and experimenting, plus inspiration from various sources and lots of my own photography. I'm working on a few other ideas too, so I'll keep you posted on that front.



  1. ooh! i like it. very nice! :)

  2. yeay, like the revamp! looks wonderful! and i am looking so much forward to see more of your projects, diy's and pictures! it is going to be amazing, i am pretty sure :)

  3. enjoying the new look. feels like i'm in space! :)


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