Friday, June 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, Sydney experienced a bit of a rainy and windy spell. I'm not a big winter person, much preferring the summer warmth, but there was one little plus too the weather - all the stuff that gets blown around and then found - especially  those of the branch variety. I found this beautiful, sculptural, wiry one on way home one evening and being freshly inspired from our recent trip to Indonesia, had an idea. I loved how the tips of this tree in my Jakarta post were pink and looked as though had been dipped in paint.
Below are some photos of my own interpretation of what I saw in Indonesia. Mixing some acrylic paints, I made one of my favourites and the current colour du jour - mint green - which looks great on the medium brown branch colour. It's a very quick, cheap and easy little project that has affective results and looks pretty sweet up on a wall. It would also look great in a vase or even sitting on a nice clean surface, depending on the shape.
What do you think?

the branch
my little helper
mixing a nice minty green
I painted approximately 10-12cm of the branch tips

the finished product!


  1. this is such a unique idea! it turned out gorgeous!

  2. And there we have already the first DIY!! Exciting! Looks really nice, will start to look out for suitable branches as well :)

  3. i very much enjoy this idea. very cool.

  4. My heart sighs. This is simply stunning. My eyes will be attuned for beautiful branches to rework.


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