Tuesday, March 14, 2017

south coast, sri lanka:


When planning our two week trip to Sri Lanka, we pretty much split our time in half - spending our first week in the interior of the country and the latter by the coast, with the beaches being a big pull for us.

Deciding where to base ourselves by the water was hard, with there being so many different beach towns and miles upon miles of beautiful coastline. We ended up staying in a few different spots, all of which were different and had something unique to add to our experience. Our first stop was a small and quiet bay called Hiriketiya. And what a gorgeous little spot it was. This was where we wanted to chill and enjoy the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. We stayed in a hotel (Jasper House) right next to the beach and spent the next few days relaxing, surfing and taking in the surrounding area. It was pretty magic and just what we needed after exploring the hills and ancient sites of Sri Lanka.

next: classic and charming Galle.

catching some fun ones

curing fish in the sun

local markets
lunch at Dots Surf Cafe

relaxing at Jasper House

talalla beach

taprobane island


  1. Oh, the shells are too beautiful !

  2. Srilanka is one country which I want to go and spend time there. It have many beautiful landscapes and fruit for soul. Thanks for sharing it

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