Tuesday, August 23, 2016

new zealand - part one:

Yes, yes, it's been a little while, but things have been a little busy since the arrival of our beautiful little boy a few months ago (more on that soon, I promise!).

I did mention in my last post that I had some snaps from our trip to New Zealand from early in the year to share. So here we go, the start of a small series before we're off again in a few weeks time to visit family and introduce our little man to all his Kiwi relatives.

This post shows more from the family farm and our main base when in New Zealand. As you can see it's pretty stunning, being close to the sea and with lots of space. We were super happy to be back in our cabin after having not stayed in it for a while too. We didn't do any work on it this trip, except for revamping some old cane chairs and lounge for the deck area by recovering the cushions in a classic black and white look. I've gotta say, I think they turned out pretty great and they were perfect addition for afternoons in the sunshine (and around the fire-pit by night).

Next: a couple of more posts from New Zealand and then some baby stuff!


  1. These photos are absolutely incredible! All of them! I can't deal. Wow.
    All my New Zealand dreams are coming true. I want to visit one day so badly.
    And congratulations on your baby boy!


  2. Ah, you're so lucky NZ is so close. Beautiful!

  3. First of all, the pictures you take are amazing and secondly I love the style that you have used in your cabin. The black and white really stands out and I must say you have a little piece of paradise. Sea, sun and your family - what more could you ask for? Please keep on posting as I can't wait to hear more about the little one.

    Abraham @ ASIC

  4. oh my! all of these pictures look so beautiful, they make me want to pack my bags and move to new Zealand as soon as i can! and congratulations on the little bundle of joy!

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