Monday, January 26, 2015

dimeka, ethiopia:

Dimeka is about 30km north of Turmi and the largest town of the Hamer region. We made our way there from Omorate via Turmi to visit the Tuesday markets and soak up the atmosphere of the town. While the main market was still being set up, we headed over to the livestock market and had a walk around as locals began to gather and trade their animals. It was great to just watch and absorb the daily life of the Hamer, some of who had walked for hours to be there. 
Once back in the centre of town, the markets had kicked off and there were plenty of people and local produce for sale. One thing I really liked about Dimeka was the colour, not only from the Hamer people but the painted facades of the mud brick buildings that dotted the streets. We had a pretty cruisy day wandering around and exploring, meeting lots of lovely locals and finding a souvenir or two to bring back home. 
Before we knew it, it was time to grab some supplies and hit the road again for a very long drive to the Karo region of the Omo Valley.

next: Dus

at the livestock market

honey wine!

dimeka market


  1. What a gorgeous photo collection! I especially love the last shot -- it conveys the message of compassion and friendship.


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