Sunday, November 9, 2014

some green:

lisbon, portugal

Wow, it has been a while! I get slightly sidetracked, and before I now it's November and the blog has been slightly neglected.
Good news though, Andrew and I are heading off on another trip very soon and a pretty big adventure at that. We're heading to Ethiopia over Christmas and New Year and it is looking to be pretty incredible! It's a country we've both been wanting to visit  for along time, so we're both very, very excited.

And now a for a little bit of green, my favourite colour.

mexico city, mexico

beijing, china
alexandria, egypt

pamukkale, turkey

lake toba, indonesia
osh, kyrgyzstan

kathmandu, nepal

melbourne, australia
xiahe, china

beijing, china
palawan, the philippines

el nido, the philippines
lake song kol, kyrgyzstan

new zealand

halong bay, vietnam

los angeles, usa

beijing, china
barcelona, spain

paris, france

urfa, turkey


khiva, uzbekistan


  1. oh i don't know if I could be any more jealous! Ethiopia is in the Top 3 countries I want to visit…I look forward to seeing the country through your beautiful images!

  2. Sounds incredible! I've long been keen to go hiking in the Simien mountains and to explore the churches of Lalibela but reading about the native wolves in the latest issue of Wanderlust has now further cemented Ethiopia to my wish list whilst adding Bale Mountains as a destination whilst there. (also, as always, I love the pics, especially the Pamukkale and Kyrgyz mountain pass ones)


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