Tuesday, July 1, 2014

litchfield NP, australia:

After a couple of days exploring Darwin, Andrew and I were itching to get further afield and explore more of the Northern Territory. Infamous Kakadu National Park was high on the list, however we didn't quite have the time to do the area justice, so we decided to drive an hour and half south to Litchfield National Park. 
Litchfield is known for it's various waterfalls and swimming holes, and is popular with Darwin locals due to its proximity and the fact you cannot swim in the ocean that surrounds the city (think crocodiles and stingers!). We both brought our swimmers and were super keen to swim under waterfalls, which were in full force due to the wet season having just finished. The whole day was pretty magical as we hopped from waterfall to swimming hole to waterfall, taking refreshing dips in the cool water. At the end of the day, we soaked up the last light of dusk as it illuminated the red earth. It was incredibly beautiful and was a kind reminder of how unique and ancient Australia is, and that we need to get out more explore our own backyard. 
Before we knew it the long weekend was over and we were boarding a plane back to Sydney. Andrew and I both loved our short but memorable trip up north and cannot wait to return and explore some more.

next: from the heat of northern Australia to winter in the south - some snaps from from the Snowy Mountains.

florence falls

wangi falls

bluey rockholes

tolmer falls (right)


  1. The crystal clear water looks very refreshing, such a contrast to Northern Territory's rugged and dry landscape. What a nice jaunt you had!

  2. Amaazzziiinnngggg photos - thanks for sharing!


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