Monday, May 26, 2014

kathmandu, nepal - part 2:

Below are some more snaps from our time in Kathmandu. Andrew and I did a lot of walking, meandering our way through the heaving tourist area of Thamel down towards the markets of Indra Chowk and Asan Tole. We also spent a half day exploring Patan, one of the royal cities in the Kathmandu valley, which now due I urban sprawl has become a suburb of Kathmandu city. It too had a beautiful durbar square full of stunning, intricate architecture and was much quieter to walk around and explore.
Before we left Kathmandu we wanted to see the great Bodhnath stupa at sunset. It was beautiful walking around the massive stupa with buddhist Tibetans, prayer wheels spinning and flags gently blowing in the breeze. It made for a very nice and peaceful finish to our time in the city.

Yes, Kathmandu is chaotic, dusty and polluted, but if you look past all that you will not only find moments, but small pockets of the city that are beautiful.

next: Bhaktapur and my Nepal wrap-up, including our packing list and all things trekking.





  1. love all the bunting/flags!

  2. The way you capture the essence of these places with photography is amazing. I can just imagine being there and smelling the spices and food in the outdoor stalls, hearing the bustle, looking at all the intricate architecture and trinkets. As cheesy as it sounds, your photography makes me feel.

  3. Your photos of this trip have been amazing! I see a book!

  4. Gemma, those are some seriously beautiful photos! I love how you played with mood, details, city scenes and people in capturing the essence of Kathmandu. Honestly, this series of photos of the Nepalese capital is the most captivating that I've ever seen.

    1. Thank you so much for your super kind words! There is so much to see and capture in Kathmandu!

  5. Such beautiful pictures ! I've always wanted to go to Nepal but now even more.

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