Sunday, November 25, 2012

pas de deux in paradise:

Lana Jones
So continuing on with my posting from our time at qualia on Hamilton Island, I want to share some photos from one of the highlights - the Australian Ballet's pas de deux in paradise, performed by dancers Adam Bull, Amber Scott, Lana Jones and Rudy Hawkes
In it's fifth year, the stage was set on Pebble Beach, overlooking the Whitsunday islands, where at dusk we gathered for the much anticipated performance. 
Wow. It was the very first time both Andrew and I had witnessed a live ballet performance and we were left speechless. It's one of those things you really have to experience in the flesh, to really capture the power, emotion and sheer beauty of what you are witnessing. We both have a completely new appreciation for ballet! 
A pas de deux is a dance for two, and we were treated to four performances from pieces After the Rain, Giselle, Manon and Swan Lake. It was just so beautiful, from the exquisite dancing to the setting, and I really hope I have done some justice in trying to capture even just a tiny bit of what we experienced below.

Next: our helicopter trip to Whitehaven Beach

the stage

my handsome man

us - a big thanks to MM for the pics!

Lana Jone and Rudy Hawkes

Amber Scott and Adam Bull



  1. so stunning!
    also, that husband of yours looks like james bond or something!

  2. Amazing shots! Looks fantastic!! And the setting? Wow!!
    Must have been an unforgettable experience!

  3. What a beautiful combination... ballet and beach side.

  4. Wow you both look AMAZING! And what pictures!!!

  5. you two look incredible! what a neat experience.


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