Sunday, October 28, 2012

block printing:

my block printed tea towel

Over the weekend I returned to the school, run by stylist Megan Morton (you may recall I visited earlier in the year) with my lovely mother and sister for some block printing action with textile designer Joanna Fowles. Using hand-made, wooden shapes, we printed geometric patterns on to beautiful linen napkins and tea towels. It was one of the most therapeutic and relaxing things I have done in a while, and could have easily just kept going all afternoon. On completion we all each had four napkins and a tea towel to take home and use. Too good.  
Check out the School's website for upcoming classes and you must check out Joanna's online store, filled with her  STUNNING one off, hand made pieces.

mum and sarah on the left and some practice prints

the shapes - made from balsa wood

gorgeous Joanna and some pattern examples

my spot block

i love triangles, but ended up going for some spots
in action

sarah printing away

my finished tea towel on the right


sarah's tea towel

one of my napkins

beautiful pieces created by everyone

afternoon tea

one of my finished napkins at home

and my finished tea towel


  1. such a fun thing to do with your sister & mom! yours look beautiful.

  2. Love seeing your fantastic pictures. You take such amazing shots. It was such a lovely day. Hope you don't mind me using for blog and fb? With credit of course : )

  3. I found your blog while I was looking for Epson printer's Ink and Cartridge anyhow nice blog i really appreciate your art keep it up and thanks for sharing such a nice idea.


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