Monday, August 6, 2012

a new ride:

Our home is littered with all sorts of boards - surf, snow and the skate variety. Thankfully, they are pretty nice shape-wise and can add a great graphic element to any interior space.
We recently acquired a longboard, which didn't have much going for it in the art department. Inspired, I documented below my effort over this past weekend creating a whole new look for it, by simply using some masking tape and paint. Easy peasy and fun!
You can buy decks that are blank and ready for your own artwork. It would make for a unique gift, something different for your home and for a super-fun ride.

firstly, sand the board down in preparation for a coat of primer

add a couple of coats of primer, to ensure your chosen colours will be strong and bright

lightly pencil in your design

to ensure clean lines, use masking tape to tape off areas and add your desired colours

you can use either a roller or paintbrush

before and after

my man having a skate on the new board


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