Tuesday, March 6, 2012

auckland, new zealand:

My, oh, my! Sorry for the major blog-neglect of late! Anyway, better late than never right?
Ok so I've mentioned it before, but I'm one lucky lady being married to a kiwi! Andrew's family are all in New Zealand, meaning frequent trips to one of the most beautiful places on earth. We were fortunate enough to have just spent an extended weekend just outside of Auckland with Andrew's sister, catching up with the family and having a heap of fun. We usually visit Andrew's family in the South Island, so this was my first real chance to get out and about around Auckland, on the North Island. It's an incredibly beautiful area with rugged beaches and lush forest, plus the the gorgeous property we stayed on. 

Snaps below - enjoy!


fairy falls


kare kare


on the property


  1. wow! amazing place - and wonderful pictures as always! this beach looks so different yet so fantastic!! hope to go there one day :)

  2. Stunning images. NZ is truly magical.

  3. Oooh just gorgeous photography - really loved this series... so moody and detailed.

  4. love the lush greenery & dark sanded beaches!

  5. Beautiful Photos, I'm a NZer living in Adelaide atm. I think of the SI as my home (Dunedin) but grew up in Auckland, so your forest and W Coast pics are very reminiscent for me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. holy moly those are some fantastic pictures

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